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Health Plus Letter Vol. 8, No. 7

The Health Plus Letter
April 6, 2010 Vol. 8, No. 7
By Larry Trivieri, Jr. – founder & publisher

Table Of Contents

Quote of the Day
Fast Fact
Coming Soon: A Breakthrough Health Coaching Training
Anatomy Of An Illness by C. Norman Shealy
Self-Care Tips For Preventing and Managing Hiatal Hernia
Thanks To People Like You, We’ve Achieved Another Victory For Medical Freedom
Medical Freedom
Contact Information

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Quote Of The Day

“It’s only when we view the world within the finite context of our emotions and ego that it looks less than perfect

-- Stuart Wilde

Fast Fact

Only 32.5 percent of adults in the US exercise regularly


Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Unabashed Plug

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Coming Soon: A Breakthrough Health Coaching Training
It’s been nearly a month since I last published this newsletter, mostly due to the fact that I was very busy in the last weeks of my stay in Chattanooga, Tennessee. During that time, I forged a deep friendship with Dr. Kerry Friesen and rekindled my friendship with Dr. Ben Johnson (you may know Ben from his work with The Healing Codes and for his appearance in The Secret). This fall, I will publish two new books, one co-written by Kerry and one co-written by Ben. More on that when their publication draws closer. I am very grateful to have been able to spend the time I did with both Ben and Kerry. I learned a lot from both of them and they learned a bit from me too.

This fall, Kerry and I will be launching an in-depth online health coaching program that I hinted at in an earlier issue of The Health Plus Letter. For years Kerry has been exploring the most effective ways for creating positive changes in the brain. Doing so helps to significantly reduce the risk of developing conditions such as depression, cognitive problems, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. Just as importantly, learning how to maintain a healthy brain also creates improvements in overall health. As Kerry teaches his patients, “Where your brain leads, your body will follow.”

As an example of how this works, Kerry points to the many patients he’s helped recover from being overweight or obese. In the majority of cases, these patients had diligently tried all of the common recommendations for weight loss—diet, regularly exercise, etc. Despite their efforts and best intentions, they failed to achieve the results they desired. But once Kerry showed them how to improve their brain health they not only lost weight and kept it off, they also improved many other areas of their health, experienced greater energy, and reported being noticeably happier on a regular basis.

I am very impressed with Kerry’s approach to medicine and making it available to you and many other people online is my goal for the coaching program. I can guarantee that you haven’t seen a program like ours will be, and if you commit to following it you too will derive major health benefits from it. We’re designing it so that it will be very easy to follow and implement, with each step building on the ones before it so that, by the training’s end, you will find both your brain and body rejuvenated and know what to do to keep the gains you achieve.

I will share more details of the program as its launch date draws nearer. In the meantime, I welcome your comments and thoughts about it. Please send them to me via this link: http://1healthyworld.com/contactUs. To everyone who takes the time to write me about the coaching program, including what things you would like to see it include, I will send a free eBook version of my book Health On The Edge, which features interviews and self-care techniques from 12 visionary healers. The book version of Health On The Edge is sadly out of print, so this is the only way you can get the valuable information it contains.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you!

Anatomy Of An Illness by C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

Three decades ago Norman Cousins wrote ANATOMY OF AN ILLNESS, first as an article in the New England Journa lof Medicine and then as a book.  He developed a serious illness, probably rheumatoid spondylitis, with considerable pain after a trip to Russia,  and he cured himself with IV vitamin C and laughter.  Interestingly, when I met him some months later he appeared to have the fused spine of a patient with that disorder but his pain was controlled. Writing today about a recent problem, I would call all illnesses PsychoPhysiologicKarmic Anatomy of Illness Loss of health is inevitably the result of cumulative karmic, chemical, electromagnetic, emotional and physical overload. 

In September, 2009, while on a three week trip by automobile, as we entered Washington, D.C., I felt as if I had been psychically attacked.  My pulse, usually 62 at rest, jumped to upper 70's to mid-80's.  I had a strong alarm reaction, as Selye would have termed it.  This generalized feeling and reaction continued until November 1 when I suddenly developed an erratic, irregular pulse of 156.  I phoned a cardiologist who asked me to go to an outpatient clinic to get and EKG---much faster than going to the hospital emergency ward!  Atrial fibrillation being confirmed, I went to be admitted to the hospital.  While waiting there I phoned a healer friend and the fibrillation ceased within 2 minutes, leaving a pulse of 100 which slowly came down to upper 70's.  The cardiologist did his evaluation and the diagnosis was hyperthyroidism, with aTSH almost non-measurable and high T 3 and T 4.  Out of hospital 2 days later I developed raging dysentery and bladder spasms.  My pulse went up to just over 100 and I phoned an endocrinologist who advised a beta blocker (one of the top 3 categories of my most despised drugs).  At least it brought my pulse down to 84.  A marvelous Nurse Practitioner put me on what I call sludge and it stopped the diarrhea immediately.  She also gave me enough herbal enzyes to choke several horses. And the urinary symptoms abated quickly with Utira-C, a non-antibiotic bladder sterilizer.

Meanwhile the original healer told me that she could not produce another miracle of healing the hyperthyroidism, because it was caused by my anger at the government.  When the endocrinologist completed testing, he decided that I had viral hyperthyroidism, mainly based on the fact that I had no Radioactive Iodine Uptake. This diagnosis falls in the category of IDIOPATHIC or WE DON'T KNOW! A few days later atrial fibfillation developed again and I wrote all my regular email friends that I would cease forwarding any government critiques.  My fibrillation ceased within a few minutes.  But it continued to recur about once a week and go away on its own. And overall my attitude towards government has never waivered.  After all, THERE IS A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL FOR THOSE WHO, IN THE FACE OF A GREAT MORAL DILEMMA, MAINTAIN NEUTRALITY! 

Three other intuitives and healers had no significant suggestions, two of them agreeing with me that my disgust with government was not the major cause of the hyperthyroidism. After about 6 weeks, my pulse went up to above 100 and I doubled the beta blocker to keep resting pulse at 84.  I was fatigued, requiring my usual 8 hours of sleep and two 40 to 60 minutes naps daily.  Conventional medicine had nothing else to offer except time. I declined going on recommended coumadin for the intermittent fibrillation (about once a week).  

I scheduled a trip to Florida to meet with Dr. Ed Carlson and healers he recommended.  Ed is the creator of Heart Forgiveness and Core Health.  My first day there I met for 2 1/2 hours with David Harris, a Grand Master Martial Arts expert.  Among other things,  David applied Qi Gong rod therapy, pounding for many minutes with a heavy drum stick on my shoulders (pain intensity 2 to 3 out of 10), plus cupping with at least a dozen cups, one area of which he lanced.  Blood and gunk came out.  Then I was off to spend 2 hours with the most remarkable body therapist I have met.  Paul St. John is the creator of Integrative NeuroSomatic Therapy.  He diagnosed a short left leg and short left hemipelvis, confirmed by X-Ray.  He also diagnosed a rotation of the cervical axis and several cranial distortions and adjusted these. He spent the rest of the 2 hour visit mostly doing gentle massage of the muscles of my right neck where I have had two earlier anterior cervical fusions (surgically fused from C 4-T).  These were the result of previous trauma and fifth chakra karma! The pain in the right neck muscles ranged from 2 to 8 out of 10.  I broke out several times in total body sweat-probably lost 2 pounds--and developed atrial fibrillation which lasted 12 hours, the longest one yet.  Incidentally, that was truly the crisis/lysis of this illness and there has been no fibrillation since then.  I awoke the following morning with a pulse in the 70's.  Each of the 3 days there I had sessions with Ed on forgiveness of everything imaginable from this and any other life.

Day two I obtained a full left foot lift and a butt lift (properly called a pelvic lift) to use when sitting.  For the first time in my life my shoulders are level.  Paul worked on me again, with the pain not being above a 2 out of 10.  Day 3 my pulse was 64 at rest and sometimes at 62--back to normal!  Paul worked on me another 2 hours, with the neck muscles having minimal discomfort.  Most of this day he did massage of all the abdominal organs, heart and lungs--one of the most unique experiences of my life!  Overall, he thought my organs were in good shape.

I flew home at the end of the third day.  My pulse the first day home averaged 66 to low 70's.  It took another month to wean me from the beta blocker.  My thyroid tests are back to normal.  My attitude toward government is no different.  The bottom line is EVERY illness has multiple "causes" and it is the total stress which precipitates "maladaptation"--significant symptoms or disease.  There are times when prescription meds can help. And alternative, complementary, holistic approaches, integrated with conventional medicine, are always the best.


Copyright © 2010 by C. Norman Shealy. All rights reserved.


Self-Care Tips for Preventing and Managing Hiatal Hernia

Hiatal hernia is a condition caused when the area where the stomach and esophagus (the opening of the diaphragm) is stretched. This causes the upper part of the stomach to push up into the chest cavity. As a consequence, the esophageal sphincter, which normally acts as a one-way valve to allow food to travel down into the stomach, is unable to prevent the contents of the stomach, including gastric acids, from traveling upward.

Although most people with hiatal hernia experience no symptoms, when symptoms do occur, they primarily manifest as chest pain or heartburn, which can be made worse by bending over, especially after eating, or exacerbated at night or when lying down. The people most prone to hiatal hernia are smokers and people who are overweight

What To Consider

Hiatal hernia can sometimes cause material from the stomach to pushed up into the esophagus. This is called esophageal reflux and can cause the heartburn. The pain of hiatal hernia can also mimic other health problems such as stomach ulcers or heart attacks.

Hiatal hernia is often due to chronic, extreme tension in the psoas and quadratus lumborum, two large muscles that merge with the diaphragm, causing the diaphragm to become chronically stressed. Osteopathic manipulation can help normalize these muscles.


Avoid overeating and minimize your intake of spicy foods, fried foods, coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, citrus juices, alcohol, whipped cream, milk shakes, peppermint, green and red peppers, and onion, all of which can worsen symptoms. Also avoid eating large meals and then lying down or bending over, and do not drink too much during and after meals. While your condition exists, it is best to eat small meals throughout the day, rather than the typical three meal plan.

Nutritional Supplementation: The digestive enzymes pancreatin and hydrochloric acid can help relieve symptpms, as can aloe vera juice. Vitamin B complex and a multivitamin/mineral formula can also help.

Breathing Exercises: Deep breathing exercises can help to strengthen the muscles of the diaphragm and expand the lungs. This is important since many people with hiatal hernia have restricted breathing patterns and have a habit of swallowing air more frequently than normal. This causes the excessive air to enter the stomach, stressing the diaphragmatic opening through which the esophagus passes, and exacerbating hiatal hernia symptoms. Conscious, deep breathing exercises can help slow down the rate of swallowing to more normal levels.

Exercise and Lifestyle: Sit in an armchair, inhale, and then and hold your breath as you lift your legs up toward your chest. Lower your legs and then exhale. Repeat this exercise several times per session, and do it several times a day.

If your symptoms include shortness of breath or food becoming lodged in your esophagus, drink 16 ounces of pure filtered water and bounce on your heels for 10-20 times.

When you sleep, be sure that your upper body is in an elevated position so that your chest cavity is above your stomach. This will prevent your stomach from rising into your chest cavity.

Herbs: To reduce the inflammation and symptoms of acid reflux caused by hiatal hernia, make an infusion of equal parts comfrey root, marshmallow root, and meadowsweet and drink throughout the day and before going to sleep.

Homeopathy: Calc carb., Hepar sulph., and Ferrum phos. can help relieve symptoms.

Hydrotherapy: Contrast application (hot and cold water packs applied to the abdomen) will help ease the stressed muscles that can cause hiatal hernia.

Professional Care

If your symptoms persist despite the above measures, seek the help of a qualified health professional. The following professional care therapies have all been shown to be useful for treating hiatal hernia: Applied Kinesiology, Biofeedback Training, Bodywork, Chiropractic, Naturopathic Medicine, Osteopathy, Physical Therapy, Reflexology, and  Traditional Chinese Medicine.

(The above information is adapted from Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, co-written and edited by Larry Trivieri, Jr.)

Thanks To People Like You, We’ve Achieved Another Victory For Medical Freedom

In recent weeks, I’ve alerted my readers that Senat
or John McCain hds filed a new bill The Dietary Supplement Safety Act (DSSA). Had it passed, it would have repealed key sections of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). DSHEA protects supplements if 1) they are food products that have been in the food supply and not chemically altered or 2) if they were sold as supplements prior to 1994, the year that DSHEA was passed. If a supplement fits one of these two descriptions, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cannot arbitrarily ban it or reclassify it as a drug. McCain’s bill would have wiped out even the minimal protections contained in DSHEA, and would have given the FDA full discretion and power to compile a discreet list of supplements allowed to remain on the market while banning all others.
Thanks to hundreds of thousands of people like you who took time to write their representatives in Senate, McCain recently withdrew his support for the bill despite having co-authored it. As things stand now, the bill is dead. However, that doesn’t mean future attempts to weaken DSHEA won’t be attempted by other members of Congress. If that happens, I’ll let you know. For the present, I commend all of you who joined me in expressing opposition to McCain’s bill. Here’s to one more victory for medical freedom!


Websites and Links

http://tinyurl.com/yacnr2s - this editorial by physician Richard Amerling, MD, is particularly relevant given the recent passage of Obamacare.

http://tinyurl.com/ylltdld - An excellent expose of the clear conflicts of interests between many medical journalists (so-called) and Big Pharma and why we can’t believe much of what we read in mainstream medical journals.

http://outside-blog.away.com/blog/2010/03/born-to-run-caballo-blanco-interview.html - One of the most inspiring stories I’ve read in a while. Be sure to watch the video, as well.

http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20627546.200-paralysed-limbs-revived-by-hacking-into-nerves.html?full=true – This is very hopeful too.

Medical Freedom

Please contact and support the following organizations dedicated to protecting our health freedoms.
Citizens for Health - http://www.citizens.org

Alliance for Natural Healthhttp://www.alliance-natural-health.org (The leading organization fighting to preserve health freedom in England and the EU.)

Institute for Health Freedomhttp://www.ForHealthFreedom.org

International Advocates for Health Freedom (IAHF)http://www.iahf.com

And to learn how corrupt and extensive Big Pharma’s monopoly is, visit http://www.pnc.com.au/~cafmr/online/research/index.html the website for the Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research. In particular, read their in-depth report The Pharmaceutical Drug Racket that you will find there.

That’s all for this week.

Health and Blessings!

Larry Trivieri, Jr.

Contact Information:
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