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Burton Goldberg

Burton GoldbergIn an effort to move our society from a system of sick care to a system of wellness care, Burton Goldberg began a life-long mission to reform American medicine and to help people reclaim their health through natural means. Today this best-selling author and publisher is internationally recognized as "The Voice of Alternative Medicine." His message is simple, direct, and lifesaving: chronic illnesses can be successfully reversed with alternative medicine.

Mr. Goldberg's quest to understand how and why alternative medicine works began more than 25 years ago, and has taken him to Europe, Russia, China, Mexico, and Israel to learn firsthand from alternative practitioners. His goal is to share this information with others in order to save lives. With a team of over 400 of the world's leading alternative practitioners, along with 200 writers, editors, and researchers overseen by 1Healthy World’s co-founder, Larry Trivieri, Jr., Mr. Goldberg published Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide. This best-selling title (over 600,000 copies in print) is widely regarded as "the bible of alternative medicine." Now completely revised and expanded, Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide 2nd Edition, once again overseen by Larry Trivieri, Jr., was published in May, 2002.

In addition to The Definitive Guide, Mr. Goldberg has overseen the creation of The Burton Goldberg Library, a series of specialized ebooks that present the latest in clinical research and the safest, most effective treatment alternatives to prevent and permanently reverse numerous serious health conditions. He also publishes a unique consumer-oriented monthly health magazine, Alternative Medicine, and maintains a comprehensive website (www.alternativemedicine.com).

A champion of alternative healthcare, Mr. Goldberg recently testified before the United States Congressional Committee on Government Reform where he explained the alternative medicine "system" for diagnosing and reversing cancer and called for increased efforts to reduce the toxic substances in our air, water, food, and household products.

Enormously popular on radio and television, and a sought-after speaker, Mr. Goldberg has appeared as a featured guest on many national and international television and radio networks, including CNN, PBS, NPR, QVC, CBN, CTN, Global TV, CBC-TV, FOX, and Voice of America and has addressed such prestigious organizations as The Young Presidents Organization, World Presidents Organization, Commonwealth Club of California, National Health Federation, and Citizens for Health.